The historical slopes of Egerszólát are embraced by the harmony of nature, while the carefully tended vines reward this care with wines of unique flavours.



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Welcome to the EGERSOUL Winery!

Welcome to the EGERSOUL Winery!

Első Szóláti Borház proudly introduces its wines under the brand name EGERSOUL. Starting from the summer of 2022, customers can choose already from a range of six products. The company is committed to showcasing the unique local characteristics, exclusively cultivating grape varieties traditionally found in the region that are perfect for the local soil. The vineyards cover a total area of 20 hectares.

The owner represents a simple, clean and natural way of thinking which is reflected in the graphics of the bottles already on the market. This ethos will extend to the architectural style of the soon-to-be-built winery.

We are delighted to present our wines produced during the summer of 2023


Location- Egerszólát

Location- Egerszólát

Driving from Eger to Egerszólát, the landscape evokes a charming Tuscan atmosphere. Upon arriving in the village, one can feel the proximity of the vineyards and the historical significance of grape production in this region. As you drive through Egerszólát, our construction emerges at the village’s end, at its highest point, providing a spectacular panorama. In the daylight, the Eged mountain, the Mátra, and the Bükk mountains unfold before us from our nearby plantations. Our goal is to put Egerszólát back on the map of domestic wine consumers and the place we create to be a new meeting point for those interested in wine, culture and gastronomy.

EGERSOUL invites you to embark on an adventurous journey: experience it, explore our wines, and join us on this exciting expedition.


EGERSOUL Winery & Vineyards


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